10 August 2020

MHE quiz: 7 things you should know about young people’s mental health

Mental Health Europe (MHE) is delighted to announce the launch of a quiz series 7 things you should know about young people’s mental health to mark International Youth Day on 12 August 2020.


In times of COVID-19 mental health has become more important than ever. The pandemic has impacted young people’s mental health in many ways. Therefore, it is vital to raise awareness and bust myths. Although one in five adolescents in Europe may experience at least one mental health problem in any given year they are less likely to seek help due to stigma and lack of awareness.


This needs to change. We hope this quiz will show you mental health problems are more common than you think and we can all be part of the solution.


If you would like to test your knowledge, check out MHE’s Instagram account or press the button below to participate.



August 12

Being hospitalised hindered my recovery: my thoughts on how the mental health system should change

How does hospitalisation impact young people's mental health? Activist and writer Charli Clement shares her experience and recovery journey.

October 6

Twitter Spaces | World Mental Health Day | 13 October 2021

To mark World Mental Health Day, Mental Health Europe is hosting a Twitter Spaces conversation with the Mental Health Advocacy Platform and the European Parliament Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing to discuss the need for an intersectional European Strategy for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

October 19

Call for submissions: authentic portrayal of mental health in movies and series

MHE is launching a call for submissions to young people about good examples of movies or series where mental health is portrayed in an authentic way.

May 20

Allow every feeling but focus on good things every day

August 12

Young people and mental health: new infographic explains how to help adolescents thrive

On International Youth Day, Mental Health Europe releases a new infographic with guidance on how to promote young people’s mental health.

November 21

MHE launches European map of youth helplines and support services

Find a helpline or organisation for young people in your country

October 10

MHE, MEPs, Commission and Young People come together to mark World Mental Health Day

MHE has marked World Mental Health Day (10 October 2018) by bringing together young people, politicians and experts.

January 26

G7 Letter of support for youth mental health

Let's make mental health a priority worldwide. 

October 9

World Mental Health Day 2016 The digital age as an opportunity to improve youth mental health

World Mental Health Day 2016 The digital age as an opportunity to improve youth mental health.


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