13 May 2021

Instagram Live | A conversation with Emil Rengle | 14 May 2021

Join Mental Health Europe for a live Instagram chat about mental health in the LGBTI community with Romanian influencer Emil Rengle as part of the European Mental Health Week on 14th May from 18:00 CEST.

In the LGBTI community loneliness has more than doubled during the lockdown, rising to 56% experiencing it “very often” or “every day.” Besides, around one-in-six LGBTI reported some form of discrimination since the start of the pandemic because they were LGBTI (16.7%). 


For this Instagram Live session, Mental Health Europe is delighted to be joined  by Emil Rengle, an artist, influencer and outspoken mental health advocate from Romania. We talked about mental health, identity and what can help prevent mental ill-health in the LGBTI community.


Watch the conversation on replay.

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