16 December 2022

International Migrants Day 2022: data and resources

international migrants day

International Migrants Day is observed annually on 18 December. This year, we have collected useful information and resources about refugees, migrants and mental health to support and raise awareness about their specific needs and situation.

List of resources:

  • Report on MHE’s World Mental Health Day Event
  • ‘Empowering Minds’ Podcast episode #8: Migrants, Refugees & Mental Health
  • Paper: Mental health and geopolitical crises: Ukraine and beyond
  • Videos: Our Stories: Seeking Mental Health in The Context of Migration
  • Video: Migrants & Mental Health: Facts & Figures 

You can find all the specific information below!



  • Read the report: Refugees, Migrants and Mental Health

On the 10th of October 2022, to mark World Mental Health Day, a hybrid event titled World Mental Health Day: Migrants, Refugees and Mental Health was held at the European Parliament.  Organised by Mental Health Europe (MHE) and co-hosted by MEP Estrella Durá Ferrandis (S&D) and MEP Tilly Metz (Greens/EFA), the event brought together over 100 participants, both online and offline, spanning across EU institutions, European Networks, national experts and persons with lived experience and more.

This event brought together key actors to discuss the importance of good mental health and how best to provide adequate mental health support in the context of increased migration across Europe.


Download the paper



  • Listen to Empowering Minds Podcast: Refugees, Migrants & Mental Health

Jr. Communication Officer Margi Marchetti summarises the main points of discussions raised by the experts taking part in the event ‘Migrants, Refugees & Mental Health’ at the European Parliament for World Mental Health Day.

The conversation stressed the need for stronger, more inclusive and accessible mental health promotion, prevention, and services for refugees and migrants in Europe and beyond.

The episode also brings to you the voices of Ahmad (Syrian) and Tetiana (Ukrainian): two displaced persons who share their migration stories.



Read the full transcript here.

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  • Read the paper: Mental health and geopolitical crises: Ukraine and beyond

This paper explores the key short, medium, and long-term challenges to mental health linked to the Ukraine war and beyond, and how mental health support should be prioritised as part of a comprehensive approach to well-being.


Download the paper



  • Watch the trailer: Our Stories: Seeking Mental Health in the Context of Migration


Watch Tetiana’s full interview   Watch Ahmad’s full interview

  • Watch the video: Migrants, Refugees & Mental Health: Facts & Figures


World Mental Health Day YouTube Playlist

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