14 July 2020

MHE updates a guide to European institutions and EU policy-making

Mental Health Europe (MHE) is delighted to present the third edition of “Keep in Mind: A quick guide to the institutions and policy-making of the European Union (EU)”.


The latest version provides an overview of the European institutions and policy-making processes relevant to mental health. It reflects the new political landscape and recent developments in the EU. Readers will also get concrete guidance on how to interact with the EU institutions and agencies.


MHE hopes to encourage its members, people living with mental ill-health and our stakeholders to increase participation in EU policy discussions. Ensuring a dialogue between people, national organisations and the European institutions is essential to guarantee that policies reflect the reality for people living in the EU and have a positive impact on their lives.

Download the guide here

For previous editions, please click here. If you have any questions or remarks please get in touch with Marcin Rodzinka, Advocacy and Policy Officer at Mental Health Europe.

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