6 May 2019

MHE Short Guide to Psychiatric Diagnosis available in 4 new languages

A short guide to Psychiatric Diagnosis

Our MHE ‘Short Guide to Psychiatric Diagnosis’, a resource for people experiencing mental health difficulties, is now available in Greek, Italian, German and French. The translations can all be downloaded below.


A Short Guide to Psychiatric Diagnosis is for anyone seeking help from a doctor, psychiatrist or other health professional. It has been produced to help people who receive a mental health diagnosis, and those closest to them, to be better informed.



MHE hopes the Guide will encourage more meaningful discussions with health care professionals and improve the quality of the help and support on offer. It is also hoped that it will encourage a much wider debate about how we think about mental health in society. Alongside information on diagnosis, the Guide has sections on other ways of thinking and talking about mental distress, and the importance of peer support.



MHE would like to thank our members for their time and for translating the document – which we hope will reach even more people.


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