11 August 2017

Member Spotlight August 2017


Member spotlight: August 2017



KI.PRO.DI.PS.A in a few lines?

Kinisi Proaspisis Dikeomaton Psychika Asthenon (KI.PRO.DI.PS.A.) in a few lines?

KI.PRO.DI.PS.A. –  “Advocacy Group for the Mentally Ill (AGMI)” in English is a non-for profit organisation established 1999 in Cyprus. The main mission of KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI is to support the rights of people living with mental ill health and/or psychosocial disability and provide support to their family and carers through its activities. KI.PRO.DI.PS.A advocates for the improvement of mental health care, the empowerment of mental health service users and seek to combat stereotypes and prejudices as well as the discrimination and marginalisation faced by people living with mental ill health.

What are your main activities?

All the organisation’s activities aim at fighting prejudice by promoting positive mental health and preventing mental ill health in the community. KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI activities target different actors such as national authorities, ministries and departments making sure that the voice of people living with mental ill health is heard and respected by decision makers.

KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI collaborates with partners on various mental health related projects, disseminate information, endorse and sign joint declaration, support and adopt policy positions and help formulate policies at European level in the field of mental health.

The organisation is mainly financed by fundraising activities, government support, donations, membership, and European projects.

KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI main values are based on the right to dignity and respect for all, equal opportunities, freedom of choice, anti-discrimination, social inclusion, and participation in democracy.

What are your priorities for 2017-2018?

Besides its local fundraising and awareness-raising activities, KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI priorities for the coming year will focus on developing a strong advocacy strategy to monitor and support the implementation of the UN Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (the UN CRPD).

The organisation will also continue to promote the transition from institutionalisation to community-based services in Cyprus and in Europe: deinstitutionalistation is a key area of work for KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI.

Tell us a bit more about your work

In 2015, KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI celebrated its 15 years of existence and commitment to positive mental health in the community.  On this occasion, the organisation renewed its strong commitment to the cause of people living with mental ill health and psychosocial disability – their families and carers.

KI.PRO.DI.PS.A / AGMI is grateful to receive support from all those who devote their time to raise awareness about mental ill health and improve mental health care such as its members, volunteers, family and carers, project partners as well as its sponsors who support the activities of the organisation.


Where can we hear from you?

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E-mail     agftmi[a]cytanet.com.cy

Telephone:   +357-99-648850

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