22 January 2019

Member Spotlight January 2019

ADHD Europe in a few lines?


The purpose of ADHD-Europe is to advance the rights and dignity, and advocate for, all those affected by ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and co-morbid conditions) at various levels throughout Europe from working with the EU parliament to supporting our member organisations across Europe by:

  • Supporting the efforts of our members throughout Europe
  • Representing the voices and concerns of people affected by ADHD
  • Contributing to research, policy and legislation, and practical initiatives
  • Disseminating information and offering support to those who live or are in contact with persons who have ADHD
  • Committing together to combat ignorance, stigma, injustice and intolerance that people with ADHD face in their daily life.

ADHD-Europe is an European umbrella organisation which represents individual members or patients, children, adolescents, adults, parents, caregivers, families who belong to self-support patient ADHD advocacy NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations comprising of charities, family support groups, and other grass roots organisations) within Europe; research consortia consisting of scientists, academia and universities; and experienced professionals around Europe.


ADHD Europe represents a partnership, a community of people and organisations committed to fostering inclusion and social justice for all those affected by ADHD in order to help them:

  • experience well-being
  • achieve their full potential
  • to have equal access to diagnosis, treatment and care
  • have their voices heard by speaking out on behalf of their rights
  • contribute to the well-being of their community and wider society

What are ADHD Europe main activities ?



We are holding our next Annual General Meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia, 5-7 April 2019. All members are welcome and if you are interested in joining our membership, please contact us.


Serving as a supportive ADHD platform, our main activities benefit our community by:

  • collectively providing members advice, support, guidance
  • promoting evidence based diagnoses, treatment and care towards ADHD
  • advocating for the rights of those affected with and by ADHD towards fostering inclusion
  • representing and lobbying the European Union’s institutions on behalf of the European community for its members on the topic of ADHD with a view to affecting policy and improving existing legislation on issues connected to ADHD and liaise with other non-governmental organisations sharing similar objectives
  • facilitating the exchange of best practices or information, real-life experiences as well as meta-analytic reviews of a better understanding of ADHD and its treatment
  • further encouraging research on ADHD in collaboration with our supportive partners, scientists, academics and research consortia
  • continuing to spread ADHD awareness and disseminating information breaking down the walls of stigma for those affected by ADHD
  • the month of October is ADHD Awareness month and this year we will be working with organisations across the globe delivering one message for all.

What are your main priorities?



Promoting evidence based treatment, information and ADHD Awareness at European level, supporting the efforts of its members who provide support for children, adolescents, adults, parents and families as well as for their teachers, employers and other professionals who work with them across Europe. This includes: access to education; medical help and employment; as well as support in adulthood if needed ~ working together towards interventions for children, adolescents and adults living with ADHD, their families, professionals and decision makers.


Our aim is to acquire the necessary funding to enable our member ADHD organisations in Europe to implement projects and procedures to improve the lives of people with ADHD in their respective communities. To accomplish this, the Association shall facilitate the efforts of national and regional ADHD-Europe shall represent those concerned to all international institutions and liaise with other Non-Governmental Organisations sharing similar aims and objectives.


It is very important for us to support the initiatives of organisations like MHE, Gamian, EFNA & EBC as there are maining points at which our aims and objectives merge.


ADHD-Europe has a vision for a truly inclusive European community, where people affected by ADHD are understood, accepted, and valued as contributing members of a diverse European community. Our core values and visions are that everyone with ADHD and their families should:


  • be given the respect for difference
  • be treated with respect without discrimination
  • be accepted as part of human diversity and humanity
  • have the right to a full and effective participation in society
  • have equality of opportunity for treatment, education and employment

Where can we find out more?


Every year we launch a theme for ADHD Awareness, we invite you to read our call for actions: 2018: ADHD in Adulthood: Implications in the Workplace: available in English; Greek; German; Spanish (including Catalan); Hungarian and Italian. 2017: ADHD in Girls & Woman: available in English; French; Spanish; Italian; and Greek. 2016: Transitional Services for Young Adults (18+): available in English.


There is a lot of prejudice and misconception about ADHD. This documentary shines a light on living with ADHD, from a personal and a scientific perspective. Come have a look at our member organisations who held events in Europe for the ADHD Awareness Events in October.


You can read more about our Advocacy with Adult ADHD or Project Partnership Events which includes our research consortia.


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Interested in joining our community?

Contact us at info@adhdeurope.eu or visit us at www.adhdeurope.eu

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