11 December 2017

Member Spotlight November 2017


Member spotlight: November 2017


Makshivim Net in a few lines?

Makshivim Net is a company based in Israel, established in 2008. The team has been working in the field of e-recovery since 2005. Makshivim Net’s objectives are to promote and achieve positive mental health among a diverse population through digital solutions and services. Makshivim Net develops and produces  innovative rehabilitation programs in Israel and abroad.

What are your main activities?

  • E-social recovery

Makshivim e-Peer support-group : helps increase feelings of self- esteem, offering a strong network of  connections and possibility of face to face meetings  (since 2005).

Online C.I.L (Center for Independent living)

Bitaconet – is an online e-social platform offering support for all persons living with a disability. It also provides online support for anxiety.

Online support groups promote healthy lifestyles and provide support with weight control.

Online support groups for elderly people to prevent loneliness.

  • E-vocational recovery

e-Vocational provide assistance through every stage of a job search as well as  employment support.

Jobs4all.co.il – A job search website/App designed especially for people with disabilities.

  • Secure stable housing

One to one e-professional support to support  the rehabilitation process.

  • e-Coaching /e-Academic coaching

One to one coaching via phone or/and Internet.

  • Technologies

ARPackage consists in technologies that help manage, control quality and  assist throughout the rehabilitation process: The system comprises other technologies:

ARTech – which monitors and supports the rehabilitation process.

ARContact is an app that allows external contributors  (friends, family, doctor of the person using the service) to provide information about his/her environment through the app without having access to any of his/her data. This collection of information enables better support.

ARChat – Chat App for peer support, individuals’ conversations and  e-recovery oriented activities and support.

What are your main priorities?

  • To develop technologies and innovative programs in social, occupational and educational rehabilitation.
  • To provide employment support for diverse populations and help improve their standards of leaving.
  • To provide assistance for people with disabilities , to enable community inclusion.
  • To reduce  social stigma.

Where can we hear from you?





E-mail: office@makshivim.net

Phone: +972-58-7200222

Fax: +972-72-2578924


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