6 May 2022

Policy Webinar | Mental health and young people | 12 May 2022

Mental Health Europe is delighted to invite you to a Webinar on Thursday 12 May 2022 at 14:30 CET as part of the European Mental Health Week.

On the occasion of the third European Mental Health Week and on the European Year of Youth, Mental Health Europe (MHE) would like to invite you to join this webinar to present its policy recommendations on mental health and young people.  MHE is releasing a set of Policy Asks during this Webinar to mobilise people behind them and outline the way forward to support young people’s mental health.

Addressing young people’s mental health is not only a question of guaranteeing their wellbeing and ensuring that they can realise their full potential. It is about building healthy and resilient societies. Better systems must be enabled to support young people’s mental health. A meaningful mental health system change requires joint action focusing on prevention, empowerment and active engagement of young people at every stage of life.

Young people are among the groups more at risk of marginalisation and most impacted by socio-economic determinants of health and overall well-being. Before 2020, about one-third of 16-29 year olds were at risk of poverty and social exclusion. This situation has worsened over the past two years, as opportunities for adequate employment and education have decreased.

The impact of the conflict in Ukraine can already be observed in our societies, and we will likely have to deal with its medium to long-term consequences for years to come. With the additional anxieties caused by geopolitical uncertainty, climate change and economic insecurity, there’s plenty of reasons to call for an urgent and immediate policy action. 

We should start now to acknowledge that youth mental health matters. Staying in good shape mentally is essential for everyone, especially young people who are learning to navigate and stay resilient in the face of extreme volatility.  Everyone and especially our youth must have the right to quality mental health care that’s accessible and affordable. It is time for policymakers at European and national levels to commit to youth mental health and build a brighter future for the individual and society.

This Webinar will provide a moment to take stock of the state of play of young people’s mental health as well as discuss the actions needed to shape a brighter future for all. Speakers will include a representative of youth organisations as well as young people with lived experience of mental ill health and of service provision. 

Join us on Thursday 12 May 2022 at 14:30 CET via this Zoom Link



14:30 – 14: 35


Welcome and introduction


Claudia Marinetti, MHE Director


14: 35 – 14:55







Experiences from the ground: why young people’s mental health should be a priority now





Manon Deshayes, Policy Officer at the European Youth Forum


Caridad Alarcón, Board member of OBESSU


Sara Langeveld, Mental health advocate


Moderated by Laura Marchetti, MHE Policy Manager



14:55 – 15:05


Presentation of MHE policy asks


Claudia Marinetti, MHE Director


15:05 – 15:25


Discussion with panellists and Q&A


Moderated by Laura Marchetti, MHE Policy Manager


15:25 – 15:30


Closing remarks


Claudia Marinetti, MHE Director



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