21 October 2021

MHE joins force with member Badiliko to promote mental health at work among the staff of the European Parliament

On Thursday 14 October, Mental Health Europe (MHE) participated in two rounds of training to the European Parliament staff delivered by its member Badiliko. The training addressed the general staff of the European Parliament and the managers respectively. 


Mental health and well-being at work is an area in which MHE has continuously been working for the past years. Given the amount of time that on average people spend at work, workplaces present an important forum to identify and support existing mental health needs. Work can be an important source of fulfilment for a person, as it can give a sense of purpose and motivation. At the same time, poor working conditions and low quality of work can become additional risk factors for one’s mental health. It is therefore vital that adequate structures are in place to present the development of mental health distress in the workplace. 


As workers are getting adjusted to new settings and hybrid work arrangements, it is relevant for employers to prioritise mental health and well-being to protect their staff. We are therefore glad to have been contacted by the European Parliament and be given the opportunity to co-organise the training on the topic in collaboration with our member Badiliko. 

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