4 December 2018

MHE Manifesto for better mental health in Europe

Mental health affects us all, in every aspect of our lives: our relationships with the people around us, how we work, where we live, and even our basic human rights. Mental health friendly policies across all sectors, therefore, have a key role in the well-being of millions of Europeans. That is why Mental Health Europe calls on all policy makers in Europe to recognise that mental health matters and bring it at the heart of European policies.


What we need is a long-term commitment from European leaders to build a society which does not stigmatise people living with mental ill health, supports the promotion of good mental health, and provides services for people of all ages.


Action on mental health requires an integrated approach, across sectors and countries. This manifesto lays out recommendations for a wide range of stakeholders including: MEPs and MEP candidates; policy makers in the European Commission, European Council and Member States; and civil society actors like mental health services, users organisations, medical associations, research institutions, employers and the general public.



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