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The CO-CAPTAIN Project: Reducing Cancer Morbidity in Patients with Mental Health Challenges

CO-CAPTAIN is a pioneering initiative dedicated to addressing the critical intersection between mental health challenges and cancer care disparities. The project mission is to provide evidence-based, person-centred navigation that aims to reduce cancer morbidity and bridge gaps in primary prevention access for individuals facing mental health issues.


The vision of the project is to establish a robust knowledge translation strategy that prevents cancer among individuals with mental health challenges. By implementing and scaling navigation services, the aim is to overcome care inequalities and offer cost-effective primary cancer prevention.


  1. Identify barriers and facilitators to primary cancer prevention by engaging key stakeholders, including patients, caregivers, care team members, mental health organisations, service managers, and broader society.
  2. Explore the adaptability of Patient Navigation (PN) for primary cancer prevention tailored to the unique needs of individuals with mental ill-health.
  3. Identify implementation strategies for local communities in our five pilot sites, informing the PN program’s general and specific features for cancer prevention.


The CO-CAPTAIN project acknowledges the heightened cancer risk and mortality among individuals facing mental health challenges. By leveraging the Patient Navigation Model (PNM), it aims to empower patients, dismantle healthcare barriers, foster social support networks, and ensure timely access to preventive services.


Through the integration of PNM into health policies and cohesive care pathways, CO-CAPTAIN intends to diminish mental health disparities, enhance overall health, and alleviate the burden of cancer.


The project aims to rigorously assess the intervention’s effectiveness and its impact on costs using data-driven models to measure health outcomes for individuals with mental health conditions.


CO-CAPTAIN will provide a blueprint for transforming cancer prevention, integrating PN, and delivering primary cancer prevention programs across EU health and care systems.


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Thank you for supporting CO-CAPTAIN’s mission to revolutionise cancer prevention for all individuals facing mental health challenges.

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