23 January 2019

MHE releases its Shedding Light report on transparent relations in healthcare


Today, Mental Health Europe (MHE) launches its “Shedding light on transparent cooperation in healthcare: The way forward for sunshine and transparency laws across Europe”, a unique study which looks at the links between the health industry and the medical community and its impact on public health, users of mental health services and patients.


The report provides exclusive insight into industry-doctors interactions and shows that pharma payments to doctors and organisations amount to thousands of millions annually.


MHE is concerned by the undue influence of the health industry, especially the pharmaceutical industry, on healthcare since it may bring substantial risks for public health, users of mental health services and patients. This influence can result in altered prescribing behaviour, over-medicalisation, biased research results and Clinical Practice Guidelines, off-label use of medicines and biased reimbursement decisions.


Launch of the report in the EU Parliament 


50+ mental health experts and service users, representatives from the health industry and health professionals as well European Institutions officials gathered in the European Parliament this morning to discuss the report’s findings and MHE’s recommendations to move towards more transparent cooperation in healthcare.


Experts agreed that access to information about cooperation in healthcare is crucial for the safety of users and patients. Disclosure of information was described as a win-win solution for patients, stakeholders and authorities. Participants recognised that there is room for improvement of EU transparency rules, which would allow for better harmonisation across all EU Member States.

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