30 March 2022

Ukraine: Mental health in times of armed conflicts and global crisis

MHE has launched a new web page gathering resources for some of the significant mental health challenges being faced by people fleeing Ukraine (as well as those remaining or unable to leave the country), especially children and young people, and those supporting them.


The new page includes links to resources for Ukraine and countries receiving refugees. This is a living web page and the information will be updated on an ongoing basis.  Going forward, this page will feature the remarkable work being done by many mental health carers, volunteers, peers, and psychosocial services across Europe providing support to Ukrainian people in need.  The page will also provide useful guides for handling secondary trauma triggered by the overwhelming news and media/social media coverage of the conflict.


Since the onset of the conflict, MHE has been in close contact with the Commissioner of Health and Food Security, Stella Kyriakides, and her cabinet to contribute intelligence on how to best support organisations and care professionals on the ground. The Commissioner’s coordinated response to swiftly address the impact of the Ukrainian crisis on mental health is a clear and commendable indication of the strong commitment to promote mental health as an integral part of people’s wellbeing and the foundation for healthy lives.


MHE is also taking part in discussions with the WHO, other international organisations, and members to monitor closely and address the mental health challenges being faced by people in Ukraine, in the neighbouring countries and throughout Europe. We know that the need for mental health support is not only temporary but will require a medium and long-term multisectoral approach that expands to communities.


In case you are aware of other work that would be useful to include on this new web page of resources, please let us know by email: info@mhe.purpleplanet.website.


Visit MHE's Ukraine webpage

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