7 March 2019

Watch now: MHE Webinar on the upcoming European Elections

If you have missed MHE’s webinar on the upcoming European elections, you can watch it below. The webinar was an invaluable opportunity to discuss strategy and messaging, MHE’s Manifesto for Better Mental Health in Europe as well as tips on how to approach (candidate) MEPs.


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Speakers included:

– MHE Director Claudia Marinetti
– MHE Policy Manager Marie Fallon-Kund
– MHE Policy Officer Laura Marchetti
– Pia Micaleff, Former MEP Assistant and founder of the #MeToo movement in the EU Parliament


In this webinar, speakers:

-Discuss MHE’s Manifesto for Better Mental Health in Europe as well as MHE’s key messages about mental health and wellbeing for the elections
– Identify opportunities to include and mainstream mental health in your all policies
– Explore how to get involved in the EU Elections
– Present useful tools to get to know better the Parliament and future candidates
– Share insider tips on how to approach (candidates) Members of the European Parliament


You can also download speakers’ presentations HERE

Thanks for watching!

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